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The New Foundation

Use the VDI ToolKit to Better Support Your VMware Horizon Environment

Let the VDI ToolKit Take Your VMware Horizon Environment to Higher Grounds


Information you need about your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment at your fingertips.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor VMware Horizon virtual desktop performance for historical and active sessions.


With TroubleSnaps, never miss a log again and better troubleshoot user issues in your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment.


Easily audit VMware Horizon virtual desktop sessions to meet compliance needs and aid in retroactive troubleshooting.

Rules Engine

Robust rules engine that helps you configure VMware Horizon virtual desktops. Easily configure print, file shares, removable storage permissions, and much more.

And so Much More

Visit our features page to learn more about how the VDI ToolKit can help your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment.

Made by Those Who Understand

The VDI ToolKit is a tool created by people who have managed a VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment before and understand the complexities that come with that task. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Seeing is believing! Schedule a demo with one of our product specialists at your convenience.

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