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Display Startup Message to Users In VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop

Quickly implement session state messages within your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment using the VDI ToolKit. These messages can be displayed on session connect, and session reconnect. Ever need to get a downtime message out to users? Ever want to show a specific message to only certain users? This is quickly done with the VDI ToolKit's rules engine. An even better example is in a scenario where your virtual desktop environment is more restricted when connecting externally. Let's say you disable USB redirection when a session is connected externally. Wouldn't it be nice to display a message clearly stating they are connecting externally? That USB redirection is also disabled to prevent calls to the help desk stating their virtual desktop isn't working correctly. Furthermore, there is a tendency when an application is down in a virtual desktop environment for users to log off and back on to their virtual desktop continually. In a refresh on log off or delete virtual desktop on log off scenario, this could be detrimental to infrastructure resources. A message clearly stating the application is down currently could alleviate this.

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