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Gather Logs from VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Using VDI ToolKit TroubleSnaps

User calls the help desk with a VMware Horizon virtual desktop issue, and the help desk didn't gather any logs? Never miss a log again in VMware Horizon using VDI ToolKit TroubleSnaps. TroubleSnaps allow you to configure a set of application logs and windows logs to be collected when a TroubleSnap is taken. You can even gather VMware Horizon's own logs. TroubleSnaps also allow you to get screenshots and even record a video of the issue to be packaged with the TroubleSnap, so there is no denying what occurred. TroubleSnaps can be taken from the client, with a global hotkey, or remotely from the management console. With the power of TroubleSnaps you can quickly troubleshoot issues occurring in your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment.

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