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Managing Print in VMware Horizon

The VDI ToolKit allows you to manage print within your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment easily. You can easily create rules to map what printers a virtual desktop session needs. These rules can be based on anything pertaining to the virtual desktop session, such as user, client, virtual desktop hostname, etc. These rules automatically update and apply changes when the session changes, such as when a user moves to a different client, etc. This can be very useful in an environment where users move often or work from various locations.

Another perk with using the VDI ToolKit to manage print is that it doesn't use full UNC paths


which become broken in a print server migration event. Broken UNC paths can be very painful with other solutions as you have to update all UNC paths if the print server changes. With the VDI ToolKit, you simply add print servers, and it automatically syncs the print server's file shares. In the event of a print server migration, you simply update the print server with the new hostname in the VDI ToolKit Management Console and sync. The VDI ToolKit automatically updates all printer share objects, so all print rules remain intact and continue to work.

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