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Monitor VMware Horizon Logon Times Using the Logon Dashboard

Don't let logon times be a pain point in your virtual desktop environment. Easily monitor logon times in VMware Horizon using the VDI ToolKit. Did someone change the master image or active directory group policy, and logon times have now skyrocketed? Quickly identify when logon times increased in your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment using the VDI ToolKit logon dashboard. The dashboard also allows you to identify users that are taking longer than the average time to logon across your environment so you can quickly troubleshoot why user logon times are taking longer for those specific users. The dashboard also allows you to easily monitor trends in logon times across your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment. Identify timeframes throughout the day when logon times are degraded, possibly due to a storage issue, networking issue, high concurrent user connections, or scheduled tasks such as backups. Logon times are broken down by core logon time, user profile time, group policy time, and group policy scripts time.

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