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Empower Your Team with
the VDI ToolKit


Information you need about your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment at your fingertips. Beautiful dashboards provide historical information on a plethora of essential data points. These dashboards help get an overall picture of your environment and aid in troubleshooting tasks within your domain.


Easily audit VMware Horizon virtual desktop sessions to meet compliance needs and aid in retroactive troubleshooting. Auditing can be used to adhere to strict compliance standards within your organization. Furthermore, auditing can assist in troubleshooting. We have all been there before where a particular user had issues during their session, which usually leads to a call back to the user to ask questions such as "What client did you connect from?", "Was session internal or external?", "Was client a zero client or physical pc?", "What version of the client were you using?" etc. Now you can easily visualize that information without user callbacks.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor VMware Horizon virtual desktop performance for historical and active sessions. Easily visualize performance usage from virtual desktop sessions to aid in troubleshooting and identifying users that are straining resources. Furthermore, you can visualize latency between the client and virtual desktop to help troubleshoot network resources for internal and external workers.

Rules Engine

A robust rules engine that helps you configure VMware Horizon virtual desktops. Easily configure print, file shares, removable storage permissions, and much more. The rules engine is highly flexible to allow you to create rules off of any session information to ensure in any scenario or condition; the virtual desktop is configured how you want.


With TroubleSnaps, never miss a log again and better troubleshoot user issues in your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment. TroubleSnaps allow you to grab any application's logs or windows logs. You can even grab VMware Horizon's logs as well. By immediately collecting all logs that you need, you can quit the endless attempts to duplicate an issue later on. As we all know, duplicating a problem can be an impossible task at times. Furthermore, you can grab screenshots of errors or even create a video of the error if able to duplicate. System engineers no longer have to rely on help desk personnel to gather logs or gather screenshots of errors.

And so Much More

Visit our features page to learn more about how the VDI ToolKit can help your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment. Don't see a feature you need? Then go to our forum and add a feature request. We are responsive and eager to make any feature you need a reality!

We Integrate With Your VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Environment

With the VDI ToolKit, you can empower your team to manage and troubleshoot your VMware Horizon virtual desktop environment more efficiently. 

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